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Elemental Avatars Full Set Image 1.jpg
Marble Surface

Elemental Avatars
Embellished Prints

The Collector Arthouse has partnered with Severine Pineaux to create a very special and limited embellished print series.


The Elemental Avatars are one of the foundational game pieces in Sorcery, and sure to be one of the most enduringly iconic artworks from the Alpha debut.  

This series includes 10 copies of each of the elemental avatars.  More than half of these have been sold via auction and Collector Arthouse Patreon sales.  There is a limited quantity of complete sets (all 4 prints) and individual prints still available on a first come first serve basis.

Sets - $1,800

Individual Copies - $500


Payment via PayPal.  All shipping and fees to be paid by buyer.


Contact to order.

Elemental Avatars Full Set Image 1.jpg
Avatar of Earth.jpg
Avatar of Water.jpg
Avatar of Fire.jpg
Avatar of Air.jpg
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