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Marble Surface

The Champion
Embellished Prints

The Collector Arthouse has partnered with Vincent Pompetti to create a very special and limited embellished print series.


'The champion' is the first 'prize card' in Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG.  Twenty Four (24) copies of this card was included in each of the 'Innkeeper' (retail stores) backer tier in the Kickstarter Campaign.  

Each of the 10 copies of this print will be distinctly unique from the next, and as such numbered 1/1 on the back of the print along with the year (2022) and artwork title: 'Holmganger Champion'.  'Holmganger' is a homage to the early title for the card, inspired by a duel practiced by early medieval Scandinavians known as 'Holmgang'.  The prints will include hand-embellished water color accents and special elements that enhance the print to emulate the look and feel of an original painting.  This is a very special card in Sorcery TCG, and a very unique opportunity to own a beautiful iconic artwork.


This is a preview page. More details to come!


Contact for pricing inquiries.

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