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Wrath of the Sea
Mattias Frisk

Mattias Frisk - Wrath of the Sea.png

In an interview with Mike at Collector Arthouse, Mattias described his approach for this painting, including an interesting insight about a reference he incorporated:

"The brief was to make a city engulfed by huge tsunami-like waves that would have some kind of sea monsters appear in them. The image is more game-ish than the others I did. It's a bit tricky to make a composition that works in its own right but also has space for text boxes so I made a few sketches before landing in this particular one.


I seldom paint architecture so that was an interesting challenge. A fun detail is that I painted a twin tower version of Skänninge Church tower in the painting."

Mattias is from a very small village in Skänninge, which is in the southern part of Sweden. He mentions that it is better known for agriculture rather than culture, but a fun little easter egg to find a way to incorporate an architectural element from his home town.

Mattias Frisk - Wrath of the Sea.jpg
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