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Curio Cards

One of the common questions asked in the Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG community is:

What is a Curio Card??

A precise definition eludes us, as there has been none given by Erik's Curios, nor confirmation of any Curio Cards that exist in Sorcery sets.  In the Kickstarter campaign when the company reached their $1M stretch goal, they introduced the Curio Card concept and described it as shown in the image below:

Curio Card Reveal in Kickstarter.png

"Very rare Mystery cards showcasing the history of Sorcery's creation" is the only definition we have to go off of.  The company's policy is to not speak on the topic of Curio Cards, but rather to let the community derive their own definition and pursue their own discovery of these rare cards to create an experience that harkens back to the golden eraof TCGs in the early 90s when cards were discovered through the pack opening experience and not readily discoverable on the internet.  And thus we have derived our own definition and criteria.

Curio cards are discovered in the "Ordinary" slots of packs:

Card Slot.jpg

We do not know the precise rarity and pull rates of Curio Cards, but the experience for mass box openers has suggested that it could be on the order of 1 in 50 cases or more.  It is important to caveat that this is a small sample size 'guesstimate' based on limited data, so it is inconclusive.  All we know is that they are very rare to pull, and general comments from the company have anecdotally suggested that they are a very rare pull.  Additionally, since the company has not published a set list for Curios, nor confirmed or denied which cards are Curios, we do not know if they have all been discovered.

Some Curio Cards can be very sublet, while others (such as sketch cards) are very obvious. The best bet is to leverage the Alpha Curio Card Archive and Beta Curio Card Archive pages linked below, or show a picture and ask a question in the Sorcery: Contested Realm Community Facebook Group or Collector Arthouse Discord and many of the super passionate Sorcery TCG enthusiasts will be happy to help.

Below are additional resources that extensively cover the fascinating topic of Curios Cards in Sorcery:

Be sure to join all of the Sorcery: Contested Realm-dedicated communities managed and operated by Mike from Collector Arthouse via the links consolidated here on Linktree.

I am also a passionate Curio collector and a Sorcery card and art dealer who offers consignment/auction/middle-man services for the community and support and representation for artists.  If you are one of the very fortunate few to discover a Curio, please reach out to me on any of my social media platforms.  Even if you just want to share the excitement who will share your passion for these precious gems.  Thank you!

Curio Cards Montage.jpg
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