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Dodge Roll
Vincent Pompetti

Vincent Pompetti - Dodge Roll.png

On May 23, 2022, Erik's Curiosa released a significant card update that revealed the vast majority of the cards slated for the game's debut Alpha set.  One of the most powerful cards in the set list is Vincent Pompetti's Dodge Roll.

A common misperception in the game (as in most card games) is that card 'rarity' is synonymous with 'power level'.  However, that is particularly untrue and nuanced in Sorcery where the rarity levels also associate to the number of copies that you can include in the deck.  While Uniques (the highest rarity level) are indeed often quite popular, their utility is also limited by the fact that you can only include one copy in your deck; and thus have a lower probability of drawing it when you need it in a game (if at all) to optimize its utility.  Contrarily, an "Ordinary" rarity level card allows 4 copies, and thus has a higher probability of occurrence and impact on any given game.

Dodge Roll's strength is in its zero mana 'damage negation' effect. It is 'free to play' with no mana requirement, and requires having only three water sites in play.  Its extremely low cost for its ability to evade an enemy attack and targeted spell and ability makes it extremely powerful and likely to be used in many water deck archetypes.

In terms of artwork, Dodge Roll is also one of the more iconic art pieces in the game.  It has an instantly classic fantasy throwback quality about it, depicting power struggle between monster and man.  I asked Vincent about this in an interview and he shed some light on the art direction he received from the game creator and Vincent's interpretation in developing the illustration concept...

Vincent Pompetti: This one was described by Erik, if I remember correctly, about a guy who avoids a kind of giant or an animal. It was not precise, as you can see in the first sketch. So I thought of a kind of elephant, because it showed the character able to anticipate, rolling aside, which was the subject of the card.



I don't remember well, but I thought that the elephant was a bit too easy, and putting a giant with a sledgehammer gave more violence. It was a pleasure to do this one. I especially like the action and movement in the scene; this is pure heroic fantasy, and not so easy, because the quick move of the character must be comprehensible. This one allowed me to create a deep and violent impact. I remember also Erik asked me to darken a bit of the picture on the right.

The final version of the illustration masterfully captures the flavor of a "quick and nimble" mortal man evading a violent attack from his adversary.  The darkened contrast on the right side of the piece draws attention to the evasive maneuver.  The setting itself is a scene true to the uniquely iconic style of Vincent Pompetti, drawing from his exceptional mastery of watercolors.  It has a certain quality resembling the iconic fantasy style of one of Mr. Pompetti's inspirations, the legendary Frank Frazetta, and will have a colorful and profound impact as a staple card in Sorcery Alpha decks!

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