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About Us

Collector Arthouse

Collector Arthouse is an expansive family of media platforms, predominantly providing great breadth and depth of Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG content, establishing Agent-Client relationships with Sorcery TCG artists, and offering a vast portfolio of premium and limited products across Sorcery TCG and artwork-related products.  

Please explore the extensive portfolio of Collector Arthouse platforms and communities below!


FB Group: SCR Sorcery: Contested Realm Artist Proofs and Alters


FB Group: Sorcery: Contested Realm Fan Page & Marketplace


FB Group: Collector Arthouse

FB Group: Sorcery: Contested Realm SCR Art Market


Patreon: Collector Arthouse Patreon

Website: Collector Arthouse Website


YouTube: Collector Arthouse YouTube


Discord: Collector Arthouse Discord

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Our Story

Collector Arthouse got its start in October 2021, with its early beginnings in a Collector Arthouse Facebook Group that includes many artists and art enthusiasts who share a common interest in artwork and collectibles, predominantly in the fantasy art genre and across several Trading Card Game categories and beyond.

The Collector Arthouse website was launched in January 2022 to augment content in the Collector Arthouse Facebook group and expand to deeper coverage of artwork, engagement with artists, and engagement across the community.

Collector Arthouse Media has since expanded into an expansive library of community platforms and marketplace channels.  We work directly with artists to promote and offer products, and also with TCG community members to offer consignment services and exclusive limited products to Patreon supporters.  Collector Arthouse is also one of the leading content creators for Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG across most of these media platforms and communities, and is motivated by a deep passion for the game, its artists, and its community at large!

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