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Sorcery Teaser Video Cards 1.jpg

Sorcery: Behind the Art

Sorcery: Contested Realm delivers a visual experience like no other Trading Card Game (TCG).

The loose artistic direction from Sorcery designers left the portal of imagination wide open for Sorcery artists.

This page takes you on a journey behind the scenes, revealing the stories behind our favorite artworks.

Click on a card image, and enjoy the adventure!...

Tony Szczudlo - King of the Realm Card_e
Liz Danforth - Royal Bodyguard.png
Mattias Frisk - Minor Explosion.jpg
Severine Pineaux - Philosopher's Stone.png
Ossi Hiekkala - Sedge Crabs.png
Severine Pineaux - Predestination.jpg
Tony Szczudlo - Holy Grail Card.jpg
Tony Sczudlo - Anui Undine.png
Mattias Frisk - Wrath of the Sea.png
Severine Pineaux - Unravel.png
Ossi Hiekkala - Sisters of Silence.png
Lindsey Crummett - Occult Ritual.png
Ian Miller - Smokestacks of Gnaak.jpg
Elvira Shakirova - The Immortal Throne.png
Vincent Pompetti - Dodge Roll.png
Vincent Pompetti - Overpower.png
Michal Nagypal - Cloud Spirit.png
Melissa Benson - Plume Pegasus.png
Brian Smith - The Color Out of Space.png
Brian Smith - Whirling Blades.png
Mattias Frisk - Exorcism.png
Vincent Pompetti - Skirmishers of Mu.png
Cloud City Dust Promo Card - Elwira Pawlikowska.PNG
Andrea Modesti - Spear of Destiny.png
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