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Vincent Pompetti

Vincent Pompetti - Overpower.png

On May 23, 2022, Erik's Curiosa released a significant card update that revealed the vast majority of the cards slated for the game's debut Alpha set.  Revealed for the first time was artist Vincent Pompetti's card, "Overpower".

A common misperception in the game (as in most card games) is that card 'rarity' is synonymous with 'power level'.  However, that is particularly untrue and nuanced in Sorcery where the rarity levels also associate to the number of copies that you can include in the deck.  While Uniques (the highest rarity level) are indeed often quite popular, their utility is also limited by the fact that you can only include one copy in your deck; and thus have a lower probability of drawing it when you need it in a game (if at all) to optimize its utility.  Contrarily, an "Ordinary" rarity level card allows 4 copies, and thus has a higher probability of occurrence and impact on any given game.

"Overpower" is a card that has the potential to see significant play in various deck archetypes in the game.  It is very inexpensive to play with a cost of only one mana, and delivers a powerful +3 power boost that affords greater flexible than it may initially appear. At first blush, Overpower may be perceived as a weaker or more limited version of the card "Lightning Bolt", which deals 3 damage to a unit on any target site, and therefore has no 'range' limitation like a +3 power boost would have to a target ally minion.  However, Overpower's great advantage and utility is in the synergistic effects that it offers with other cards in the game, creating powerful combo potential.  For example, a card that can attack twice will suddenly yield a massive +6 power boost for only 1 mana.  Additionally, "lifelink" effects in the game can suddenly combo the +3 power boost with +3 heal.  This creates exciting creative possibilities for deck building.

In terms of artwork, Overpower is a special piece that I think really reflects Vincent's influences from the action fantasy styles of legendary artists such as Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta. In my interview with Vincent Pompetti, I asked Vincent if he would name a few of his favorite pieces that he did for Sorcery: Contested Realm.  Of the 20+ illustrations that he created for the game, he named Overpower as his personal favorite. At the time he received artistic direction from Sorcery creator Erik Oloffson, the card was initially titled "Crushing Blow", and Vincent's design concept was to depict a classic "duel with an uncertain outcome".  

The final illustration is beautifully fitting for the design mechanic of the card. The type line text reads "Ordinary Magic to crush your foe!", and the illustration mirrors the power-enhancing effect of the card with a horse-back warrior delivering a crushing blow to his enemy.


Capturing facial expression and body movement in an illustration is something that Vincent describes as difficult to achieve but a skill that he has studied and honed and takes great pride in mastering in his work. It is a stylistic hallmark that you see prevalent in a lot of the great Vincent Pompetti illustrations across his vast portfolio of work and publications.

This, is the beautifully classic "Overpower"!...

Vincent Pompetti - Crushing Blow.jpg
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