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Alter Cards

The extensive catalogue of alter cards sold through Collector Arthouse auction & consignment services

Collector Arthouse works with Caio Calazans, Elvira Shakirova, Marta Molina, Atlas Thorn, Viviane Calazans, and MORE incredible artists to offer some of the best alter cards in the world.


More than just a sales transaction, Collector Arthouse is passionate about the concept of working with emerging artists to showcase who they are as people, highlight the storytelling behind their artwork, connect them with fans, and ultimate create great value and awareness for their work across the many Collector Arthouse platforms.  This creates a wonderful opportunity to introduce new incredible art to a world who loves it and NEEDS it!

Whether you are an artist or a Sorcery fan, please make sure you are following the Sorcery: Contested Realm Community Facebook Group and Collector Arthouse Discord to follow the auctions, or contact me directly at or through direct message on the many Collector Arthouse social media platforms to inquire about artist proofs, other art products, high end Sorcery card products, or collaboration opportunities.

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