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Occult Ritual
Lindsey Crummett

Lindsey Crummett - Occult Ritual.png

Occult Ritual is a special card in Sorcery: Contested Realm given that it is a "Unique" rarity, and also the special alternative art treatment that the card received during the Kickstarter campaign.  When the campaign reached a stretch goal of $2M, the Erik's Curiosa team announced that there would be an alternative art promo card included with artwork from legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.  In an interview with Occult Ritual artist Lindsey Crummett, I asked her for some insight about the design concept for the card and her reaction to the Frank Frazetta news:

Mike @ Collector Arthouse: In “Occult Ritual” there is an interesting flavor text quote on the card: “Ygbaiih ygnaiih thflthkh’ngha… Yog-Sothoth…Y’bthnk h’ehye-n’grkdl’lh!”  It is cited as a quote from HP Lovecraft. Are you familiar with the quote? Was this provided in the initial art description and factor into your design?  Is there anything else you would like to share with regard to the design concept?

What was your reaction when you heard that there would be an alternative art promo card with Frank Frazetta artwork?


Lindsey Crummett: I didn’t know the HP Lovecraft quote would be there til I saw the card! It’s from the Dunwich Horror and is very apt since rituals and invisible monsters are involved! I believe the brief was along the lines of, a mysterious group of hooded figures summoning a dark force under the night sky. I really had fun creating the demonic face forming from the smoke swirling up from their fire! When they announced the alternate card as a Frazetta piece, I was overwhelmed! At first it felt as though, “oh god don’t put mine directly next to his!!” But I feel honoured to be put in the same sentence, so I am nothing but humbled.

More details on the development process for Lindsey's illustration can be found on her free Patreon post here

Additionally, below is a set of reference images that Lindsey used for the illustration, followed by Lindsey's final piece next to the Frank Frazetta alternative promo card artwork:

Lindsey Crummett - Occult Ritual Reference Images.jpg
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