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Sedge Crabs
Ossi Hiekkala

Ossi Hiekkala - Sedge Crabs.png
Mans Conquest Cover Art - Nov 1956 Sedge Crabs.jpg

Sedge Crabs draws its inspiration from the well-known illustration by artist George Gross for the cover of the November 1956 issue of Man's Conquest magazine.

This 'vintage' magazine, like others of its ilk, pre-dates modern magazines such as 'Men's Health' and 'Maxim' and appealed to the tastes and sensibilities of men returning from war in the post World War era. Whereas modern magazines are often fitness and fashion oriented and geared toward self-improvement, these older magazines often included the theme of man vs. nature, such as wild flesh-eating beasts and critters.

Sorcery: Contested Realm artist Ossi Hiekkala is quite familiar with this artistic genre. He draws his artistic inspiration from the 1900-1970 time frame, including MAM's and old paperbacks. For the 'Sedge Crabs' commission, Ossi was simply given the George Gross cover illustration as the art reference for the design concept, and the result is a well executed homage to the old classic...

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