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Sorcery Artist Interview: Truitt Parrish

Today we interview Sorcery: Contested Realm Artist, Truitt Parrish. Truitt is one of the earlier career artists for Sorcery, with this being one of the biggest projects in his budding art career. In speaking with Sorcery Art Director Erik Oloffson, I learned that he discovered Truitt through his work on Art Station and selected him for his style's appeal to the art direction of the game. Truitt was very enthusiastic to speak with me and share some interesting information with the growing Sorcery community. As it turns out, we have some similar interests in hobbies and art, and had a few fun conversations. Here goes the interview...enjoy!

Art Fan Pro Tip: This is an 'immersive' interview. Take the time to click the links to discover more information about Truitt&#x