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Sorcery Artist Interview: Marta Molina

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing to the community an exceptional Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG Alpha artist, Marta Molina!

Marta is one of three artists who earned broad recognition for her artistic talents in the genre of Magic the Gathering card alters (the other two artist commissioned for Sorcery are Elvira Shakirova and Caio Calazans). She has a vast portfolio of alter cards, and a large fan base all over the world. This is one of her breakthrough opportunities in full size traditional painting for a Trading Card Game (TCG).

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Marta...


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: For those who don’t know of your work, tell us a bit about your background. Where are you from?

Marta Molina: I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. I have lived in different cities in Spain until I came to live in a village near Madrid.


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: How did you get into artwork as a professional career? How did you get into MTG card alters? Have you done work beyond MTG alters before, and is this your first full art paintings commissions outside of card artwork?

Marta Molina: I come from a family of artists and that made it clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to art as a profession. Before devoting myself to alterations, I made reproductions of Byzantine and Renaissance works... and I also worked with silver. Then, by chance I came to this world and since then I haven't stopped. Although this is my first time in an illustration commission.

Gothic Style Reproduction made for Christmas Cards

Reproduction of Saint George by Carlo Crivelli

Dragon Illustration painted for a MtG event in Madrid

Reproduction from Overwatch


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: Who are some of your art influences who have shaped your artistic style?

Marta Molina: As it is not surprising seeing my works, my main influences are the great landscape and pre-Raphaelite painters. The latter is one of my favourite currents.

[From Top to Bottom]

  1. The Stonebreaker (1857 - 1858) by John Brett

  2. The Scapegoat (1854) by William Holman Hunt

  3. Ophelia (1851 - 1852) by John Everett Millais


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: Given your experience with doing MTG card alters and engaging with the MTG community, I am curious what your impressions are of Sorcery as a game and its community so far?

Marta Molina: Without a doubt I think the best thing is the amount of different artists that are participating in this game and the magnificent works they are doing, there are amazing cards! Also the expectation that it is causing even in the Magic community makes me very excited.

[The incredible breadth of talent selected for Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG is one of the hallmarks of the game. There is wonderful stylistic diversity, including original alpha MTG artists, TSR/D&D era artists, metal album cover artists, MTG card alter artists, and even lesser known talents whom the creator discovered through their online portfolios.

Marta also makes an interesting and important point that she is seeing very high interest from her MTG alters community; a great 'crossover' opportunity for Sorcery TCG.]


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: Your landscape style artwork that you do for card alters has translated so beautifully to larger scale paintings for Sorcery cards. What was the experience like to do full size artwork vs. smaller card-size commissions? Are there any aspects or specific pieces that you had done for Sorcery that were particularly a challenge for you?

Marta Molina: At first I thought it was going to be a big challenge, but when I started painting it just flowed by itself and with a few complications out of the way it went well. In the pieces where I had to convey something very specific it was more difficult, I wasn't sure if I would get it the way I wanted it.

A Selection of Paintings from Marta's Sorcery TCG Portfolio

[You can find the corresponding card names on her card page]


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: All of your illustrations for Sorcery are so well done; it is difficult to pick just a few to ask about. Can you pick a few that you are particularly fond of and tell us about the art direction you received for the piece, and how you came up with the final design concept?

Marta Molina: It's difficult to choose between all of them, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the harbour, it has something special and I love it! My inspiration is the environment, I live in an area full of forests and rivers and it's easy to let your imagination run wild having this in sight.

Marine Voyage

[This is a stunning painting by Marta. As she points out, she draws inspiration from her natural environment, and that is very evident in her card alters work as well. She is very well known for her alters of basic land cards in Magic, and painting ships is a bit of a specialty of hers as well]


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: What are your goals for your career progression going forward? Are you content to continue making MTG card alterations, or do you have other goals and ambitions to focus more on larger scale artwork for games (hopefully more Sorcery!) and other projects (books and magazines, etc.)? Do you intend to do Sorcery card alterations?

Marta Molina: I would love to continue doing illustrations for the game, it has been a great pleasure to do these pieces and for me to be part of a game has been a dream come true. I thank you for this opportunity you have given me. In my day to day life I continue with MTG alterations, I feel very valued in that aspect, and I'm already being asked for alterations of my own Sorcery cards! It would be great fun to make alterations to my own work.

Re-Imagined Sunset/Evening Version of "Pristine Paradise" by Marta

[Marta created this painting in collaboration with Collector Arthouse to offer to fans via auction through the Collector Arthouse Discord and Sorcery: Contested Realm Fan Page & Marketplace Group on Facebook.

I will be collaborating with Marta to offer card alters and artist proofs after the game releases as well!]


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: Do you ever do exhibitions and appearances with your work?

Marta Molina: I have participated in a few painting tournaments and you can see many of my alterations on my Instagram.

A Selection of Marta's Card Alters


Mike @ Collector Arthouse: Is there anything else I haven't asked that you'd like to share with fans?

Marta Molina: I would like to thank you for the great support I get in this world, I've been through some really hard times on a personal level these last few years, and everyone has understood and supported me. I am really grateful for my community, thanks to them you have also counted on me in Sorcery and it is something I will never forget.

[Thank you so much, Marta. It was a real honor. Welcome to Sorcery and full scale illustration for a big time TCG! I honestly cannot wait to see what comes next!]


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Mike Servati @ Collector Arthouse and Collector Arthouse on Facebook, signing off...


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